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A legionella risk assessment is a systematic examination of the potential risks presented by engineered water systems, and seeks to identify and assess the risks of exposure to legionella bacteria from work activities and water systems.

All employers, building managers, property owners and landlords are required, by law, to have legionella risk assessments carried out on all buildings with can be accessed by the public or are a place of work.


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Legionnaires Disease is a severe form of pneumonia and is caused by the exposure to legionella bacteria. The respiratory infection can be contracted by the inhalation of infected water droplets and includes symptoms such as; high fever, chills, coughing, head and muscle aches.


Reduce the Risk by, first of all, having a legionella risk assessment conducted on your property. This will identify the steps needed to ensure your water systems are not contaminated. These steps could include descaling shower heads, temperature checks, tank cleans or water sampling.


Benefits of legionella risk assessment include determining the likeliness of legionella bacteria forming in your water system and identifying the steps to reduce that risk. A legionella risk assessment is in the best interest of your customers, clients, employees and yourself.

Top Tips For Legionella Compliance

Legionella Risk Assessment

Appoint Experienced Person

Water Temperature Monitoring

Descaling Shower Heads

Water Sample Testing

Regular Tank Cleaning

Remedial Works

Regular Inspections

Questions & Answers

Can you get Legionnaires' from a shower head.

bacteria can grow in the plumbing and in the shower head; the infected shower mist can then be easily inhaled directly into the lungs.

Landlords are legally required to test for Legionella in their water systems.

Landlords are not legally obliged to test for legionella, however, they do, by ;aw, have to have a legionella risk assessment conducted on their property.

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