Does your radiator have cold spots?

If the middle of your radiator is cold, there may be a build-up of debris or sludge which is obstructing parts of the bottom of the radiator. You’ll need to clean it out and remove all unwanted substances that are blocking the bottom length of the radiator.

For all pressurised systems, you’ll need the assistance of a Gas Safe registered engineer to work with your system to pressure flush your system and radiators from sludge and debris built up over time.

Once the power flush is complete, you will immediately recognise the benefits with a more efficient heating system. More often than not, you will feel the benefit of turning your radiator temperature up and down to control your heating, not having to blast it on high, hoping its going to be hot enough around the cold spots to heat up the room.

We have a fix first policy, only if we deem a radiator too old and far gone will we suggest a new radiator which we can also supply and fit.

Restore the effectiveness of your central heating system.